Design Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark

Details by Wahl&Ross

Since 2010 Wahl&Ross have with passion designed and detailed products for our clients. Now 10 years later we are launching our own products under Details by Wahl&Ross.

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Details by Wahl&Ross Dispensers
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Industrial Design

We are a Copenhagen based studio specialising in industrial design services. We design a wide range of products from the ground up.

We design products in medical, furniture, homewares and consumer electronics.

Human Centered

We partner closely with our clients and suppliers to create engaging, innovative and high performance products.

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Breville Thermal Pro Collection
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We combine experience in traditional materials and processes with cutting edge manufacturing techniques to bring a human touch to mass produced objects.

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NOMA product range
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Applied Innovation

We focus on solving problems in new and innovative ways. We believe that our first-principles approach to design is the best way to differentiate a product.

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Phase One XF MF Camera system
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Award Winning Design

With an established supply chain and global network of partners, we have helped some of the most prestigous brands deliver award-winning products.

The Copenhagen Sense
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